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Posted by sprague on April 24, 2003

4/18: What does Reason think about Iraq? Answer: they’re surprisingly supportive. I think Steven Pinker’s observation about the “tragic” view of life is the basis here; the libertarians note that Saddam is a bad guy who needs to be stopped.

One interesting idea: note that Harry Truman faced similar dissent over his decision in 1947 to send tons of money to Greece and Turkey (equivalent of $17B today) to keep those countries within our sphere of influence.

Keep in mind that the Cold War was a terrible time, and you can imagine during the 40’s and 50’s how awful the Communist threat seemed. To a degree greater than extremist Islam, it would have been hard to tell who to trust.

www.tedmed.com a $3000 conference, June 11, organized by Richard Saul Wurman to talk about how technology is changing medicine.

From Michael Kinsley’s Slate article, see

George Orwell’s statement before WWII that pacifists help Hitler.

See Michael Fumento’s article refuting Gary Taubes’ NYTimes Magazine piece last year about the Atkins diet.

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Posted by sprague on April 24, 2003

Diane Ravitch in Daedelus Summer 2002 decries the political correctness in much of standardized education.

My opinion: remember Roger Schank’s observations about the future of an educated mind. You will always be a fingertip away from knowing whatever facts you need, so good education is knowing how to ask good questions.

Paul Johnson article in National Review argues that the Iraq events will be remembered as the first significant defining moment of the 21st Century, and that American & Britain will be viewed positively. The EU and UN and Nato will all be viewed as obsolete.

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