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Posted by sprague on June 25, 2003

6/19: From New Scientist: Hiroshi Sano and colleagues at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology in Japan used a technique called RNA interference to silence a key gene for making caffeine in coffee plants

6/19: All-purpose barbecue rub: Mix one-third cup each of freshly cracked black pepper, kosher salt, lightly packed brown sugar, paprika and cumin. Add two tablespoons each of cayenne pepper, ground allspice and ground ginger. Using your hands, rub it onto poultry or seafood before grilling.

6/19: Paul Allen funds Project Halo to do AI reasoning. Computers answer questions they’ve never seen before after rendering 71 pages of inorganic chemistry into computer rules.

6/19: new Harvard/MIT center for studying Human Genome.

6/16: Online scientific journals:


Links for this article

University of California: eScholarship Repository


eScholarship: Peer-reviewed Articles and Journals




Ohio State University Knowledge Bank

http://www.lib.ohio-state.edu/Lib_Info/scholarcom/KBproposal.ht ml

Cambridge University Library: Dspace@Cambridge


B. Mason, “Cell editor joins PLoS,” The Scientist, January 13, 2003.


R. Crow, “The case for institutional repositories: a SPARC position paper,” The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition, August 27, 2002.


M. Habeck, “Compromise reached over German copyright bill,” The Scientist, April 10, 2003.


National Academies: Symposium on Electronic Scientific, Technical, and Medical Journal Publishing and its Implications, May 19–20, 2003.


6/4: Predictive Genomics, Terry Grossman, and his web site on living forever.

6/3/03 Lots of information about the Matrix. See Peter B. Lloyd.

See http://www.kurzweilai.net/meme/frame.html?main=/articles/art0581.html


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