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Posted by sprague on November 23, 2004

WSJ.com – Not All Forms of Vitamin E Should Be Vilified: “Labels aren’t always helpful in distinguishing between the two, though. An analysis by the independent testing group Consumerlab.com found one ‘natural’ brand to contain some synthetic vitamin E. And you’ll almost never find the word ‘synthetic’ on any label. You therefore have to decipher the ingredients: ‘dl-alpha-tocopherol’ means it’s synthetic; a ‘d’ instead of ‘dl’ indicates it’s natural.

The ‘alpha-tocopherol’ part refers to one of more than eight forms of vitamin E found in plants. Most supplements, whether synthetic or natural, contain only the alpha-tocopherol form because it’s the most prevalent in our blood and the most studied.”

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Posted by sprague on November 21, 2004

Barron’s Online – Technology Trader: “A NEW APPROACH TO TREATING DISEASE, known as RNA interference, was proven practical earlier this month by researchers at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals. In the science journal Nature on Nov. 10, the Alnylam scientists said they’d reduced blood cholesterol levels in mice by nearly half, after blocking the genetic instructions that cause cells to overproduce the artery-clogging substance.”

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