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Posted by sprague on August 11, 2006

Economist 8/10/2006
Interesting discussion of the latest scientific understanding on the differences between men and women.

See summaries from Janet Hyde of the University of Wisconsin-Madison on just how different men and women are. She collected all the important meta-analyses that have been conducted on differences between the sexes and concluded that yes there are some slight differences in areas like mental rotation, aggression, and smiling, but no notable differences on mathematics or vocabulary.

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The Long Tail isn’t so long

Posted by sprague on August 7, 2006

The WSJ article criticizing the Long Tail reminds me that sometime I need to write up my thoughts about why the Long Tail argument isn’t as insightful as it sounds.

There isn’t a single “Long Tail” for anything. Sure, you can rank every book in order of its sales, but how interesting is that? People don’t buy in that order. People looking for books on garbage disposals aren’t shopping for John Grisham novels. Instead, there are several distinguishable rankings for just about every category you can imagine.

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Online video editing

Posted by sprague on August 6, 2006

OneTrueMedia.com is a Kleiner-Perkins-backed startup with an interesting idea: let people edit their videos on line. This is one of those potentially good ideas where everything is about execution. If they make it easy and useful, then it could be very successful; if it’s just another upload-and-wait site, then who cares. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve added it to my del.icio.us watchlist.

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