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Feld’s 80-19-1 Rule

Posted by sprague on September 7, 2006

Brad Feld has the interesting insight that a content publisher should worry most about the 19% who are left after the 1% of people who will actively participate in any new online venture (give up on the remaining 80% who are contributors only and won’t actively participate).  He also points to Tom Evslin’s site where you can even download an Excel file to model this.

My quick take: you engage the 19% by offering them a way to participate that is brain-dead simple. For example, Amazon’s “Did you like this review” feature–just click yes or no and you’re done. No registration, no typing, just click on a link and you’re done.

I also think the world needs something to expose your passive activities (e.g. surfing from link to link) in a way that helps you build content and maintain privacy without specifically needing to enter something.


3 Responses to “Feld’s 80-19-1 Rule”

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  2. mooki said

    this is an example that talkbacks are bad. anyone can simple flood you with meaningless comments.

  3. mooki said

    that’s why all major websites that do allow talkbacks in their articles, strictly demand you to be a registered user. that’s actually buries your assumption of “one click and you’r done”.

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