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Facebook is a fad

Posted by sprague on August 4, 2007

When a social networking site takes off, it takes off like you wouldn’t believe, and right now Facebook is on a roll.  I can’t believe how many old friends are surfacing here lately, many of whom are using a social networking site for the first time. Me too: I’m addicted and haven’t been posting to my blogs lately because what little free time I’ve had lately has gone to Facebook.  You can join me there: everyone’s welcome.

But that’s going to change, I predict. There’s a fad element to these sites that naturally lends itself to a boom and bust. Now that I’ve reconnected with a few old friends, what do I do next?

That’s why I think LinkedIn is here to stay, contrary to some people who think Facebook makes them obsolete.  LinkedIn doesn’t try to push people together; it just sits there quietly, keeping your contact information up to date.  Facebook makes me work too hard.  But it sure is fun for now.

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