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Facebook is a fad

Posted by sprague on August 4, 2007

When a social networking site takes off, it takes off like you wouldn’t believe, and right now Facebook is on a roll.  I can’t believe how many old friends are surfacing here lately, many of whom are using a social networking site for the first time. Me too: I’m addicted and haven’t been posting to my blogs lately because what little free time I’ve had lately has gone to Facebook.  You can join me there: everyone’s welcome.

But that’s going to change, I predict. There’s a fad element to these sites that naturally lends itself to a boom and bust. Now that I’ve reconnected with a few old friends, what do I do next?

That’s why I think LinkedIn is here to stay, contrary to some people who think Facebook makes them obsolete.  LinkedIn doesn’t try to push people together; it just sits there quietly, keeping your contact information up to date.  Facebook makes me work too hard.  But it sure is fun for now.


6 Responses to “Facebook is a fad”

  1. Maybe, but I have decided to make Windows Live my main site simply because it has everything that I need all in one package and Facebook is in the package. Also, because there is a learning curve for every new site that one may decide to use, I have gotten tired of familiarizing myself with each new site. Consequently, I have decided to make this my permanent user site and forget about re-learning the particulas of some new site.

  2. paras bhargava said

    the problem with linked in is that many people are not really known to each other, i get a lot of linked in requests from people i don;t know.

  3. Larry Ockene said

    Granted, I’m a neophite at this stuff, but I’ve gotten scores of Linked In requests which I dutifully accept, and not once have I ever been inspired to do what I’m doing now (actually communicate with someone), let alone post a photo, or invite others into my network. Facebook makes it fun, and doesn’t take itself seriously. Plus, the app dimension is brilliant, IMO.

  4. […] new about you in the process.  But ultimately I think I’m concluding that Twitter, like Facebook before it, is more of a fad.  It’s being driven today by plungers, and once the next big cool thing comes along, they’ll […]

  5. […] great new social phenomenon has a "fad" phase, where zillions of people join in because, well, because zillions of others are joining. A few […]

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