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Abolishing ageing | How to live forever | Economist.com

Posted by sprague on January 6, 2008


Aubrey de Grey, an independent researcher working in Cambridge, England, believes ageing has seven components; deal with all seven, and you stop the process in its tracks. He refers to this approach as strategies for engineered negligible senescence (SENS).

The seven sisters that Dr de Grey wishes to slaughter with SENS are cell loss, apoptosis-resistance (the tendency of cells to refuse to die when they are supposed to), gene mutations in the cell nucleus, gene mutations in the mitochondria (the cell’s power-packs), the accumulation of junk inside cells, the accumulation of junk outside cells and the accumulation of inappropriate chemical links in the material that supports cells.

Abolishing ageing | How to live forever | Economist.com


One Response to “Abolishing ageing | How to live forever | Economist.com”

  1. What fascinating research. Imagine, if all these 7 components are addressed, then it would be like finding the fountain of youth. I greatly admire Aubrey de Grey for identifying these components.

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