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MBA Students Today

Posted by sprague on March 18, 2010

A visiting MBA student from Northwestern University dropped by our offices today.  He’s visiting multinational companies, working on a student project related to IP protection and the innovation process. I gave him a few of my thoughts, and I hope I was helfpul, but then selfishly at the end of our talk I changed the subject and asked him about what it’s like to be an MBA student these days.

I told him the information I’d heard recently that many students under age 24 only send emails to an older person; IM, texting, and Facebook are the main forms of communication. He disagreed, saying that this might be true for younger college students “because they have a lot of time on their hands” but that for more serious work-oriented people like himself, email is the preferred form of communication. He doesn’t even use IM all that much except with close friends.
He likes video chat, but for some reason can’t get his friends to use it as frequently as he likes. There is just some privacy issue or something that makes people feel uncomfortable.
His school uses Exchange, but he accesses his email through Apple Mail, not Entourage, because he likes the threading feature. 
For document creation, people use Office of course, although GoogleGoogle docs is becoming the standard for interactive work, like when you need everyone to add some information to a spreadsheet list.

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