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iBook and the future of publishing

Posted by sprague on August 31, 2010

We are only a few years away from a time when most people read books online, a transformation as important to publishing as it was to, say, film cameras ten years ago. I’ve been playing with iBook and iTunes Connect (the entry point to people selling stuff on iTunes) and getting excited about how things will change when normal people have the ability to create and distribute book-length content as easily as they create podcasts today.

Yes, we’ll get a lot of crap.  How many amateur podcasts are really worth listening to?   But think of the amazing new content that previously didn’t see the light of day because it was too hard to distribute:

  • Teachers: lesson plans, supplemental materials
  • Religious organizations
  • Family histories: diaries, old letters, and other information of appeal to a tiny number of people
  • Kids: student newspapers, yearbooks.

Amazon has a similar system in place for Kindle, but that’s a proprietary format. iBook uses the ePUB standard that lets anyone at all go crazy publishing.

I can’t wait.


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