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Seeing the pandas in Chengdu

Posted by sprague on September 8, 2010

Stowe posted some photos and background on our trip to Chengdu.  As she notes, in retrospect it seems a little decadent to sit next to and actually touch an endangered species.  Yet another fun part of living in China that won’t be true in a few years.

As for why so few pandas make it to their first birthday, my theory is that the “dead” ones are actually sold to rich, private investors who keep them as pets.  I’m pretty sure the zoo will do just about any economic transaction that helps with their funding.

Not that I object…which do you think is more likely to result in a thriving panda population a century from now:  draconian laws to forbid any contact with animals? or old-fashioned profit motive on the part of the panda keepers?


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