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One Child Policy on @sinicapodcast

Posted by sprague on June 24, 2012

already being repealed quietly through lower fines, lax enforcement, and waivers.  Among registered residents of Shanghai the birthrate is already below its replacement level, as economic development makes couples want fewer children.

Also interesting public choice observation: most people think the Policy is good overall, but just shouldn’t apply in my case.   More evidence that people who worry about population control aren’t really worried about population overall — they’re worried about the wrong kind of people being born. 

Some items mentioned in the podcast:  

One Child Policy for Dummies: http://www.china-mike.com/chinese-culture/society/one-child-policy/

WSJ review/summary of “Unnatural Selection” :http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702303657404576361691165631366.html

Incidentally, I know at least two Chinese couples who want their child to be a girl.  Boys are too expensive and difficult to handle.



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