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Manchu/Qing thought they were protecting “real” Chinese culture

Posted by sprague on July 2, 2012

@sinicapodcast nice summary of the people who ruled China for 300 years from the mid-1600s.  Among other things, I learned:

  • Manchus ruled like they had a responsibility to unite all Asian civilization
  • The Qing/Manchu empire focused on respect, but had a difficult time after the rise of nation-states, which depend for their legitimacy on love.  Many of today’s ethnic conflicts can be traced to a Qing legacy of conquest by the sword.
  • The long hair braid (“queue”) and the stereotypical womens clothing we think of as “Chinese” are really Manchu, because the 1900s westerners associated them with China.
..and much more worth on the 1-hr Sinica podcast worth listening to every week



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