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Posted by sprague on July 9, 2012

Beijing average monthly wage is 4,672 yuan (US$734), followed by Shanghai with 4,331 yuan (US$680), and Zhejiang province with 3,888 yuan (US$611)

…Average annual income [was] 42,452 yuan (US$6,670) for all people working at non-private companies or organizations in urban districts represented an increase of 5,305 yuan (US$833) from the level of 37,147 yuan (US$5,835) in 2010 for a nominal hike of 14.3%. The increase was 0.8 percentage points higher than the gain in 2010.

Beijingers paid most; wages up 8.5% in China’s urban regions|Economy|News|WantChinaTimes.com


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