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China: Ten Grave Problems

Posted by sprague on September 8, 2012

From an influential Caijing 财经 essay by Deng Yuwen 邓聿文 (trans. Eric Mu of Danwei)

For the Communist Party, the biggest and most urgent issue to be addressed is that, in the course of leading people towards a well-off and affluent society, the Party has come to confront a crisis over the legitimacy of its rule that has resulted from: its failure to address the widening income gap; worsening corruption; inability to effectively achieve social integration; and, failure to meet public demands for increased democracy.

1. No breakthroughs in economic restructuring and constructing a consumer-driven economy.

2. Failure to nurture and grow a middle class.

3.The rural-urban gap has increased.

4. Population policy lags behind reality.

5. The bureaucratization and profit-incentivisation of educational and scientific research institutions shows no indication of being ameliorated and it continues to stifle creativity.

6. Environmental pollution continues to worsen.

7.The government has failed to establish a stable energy supply system.

8. Moral lapses and the collapse of ideology. The government has failed to build an effective and convincing value system that can be accepted by the majority of its people.

9. ‘Firefighting’ and ‘stability-maintenance’ style diplomacy lacks vision, strategic thinking and specific measures.

10. Insufficient efforts in pushing political reform and promoting democracy.


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