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This is not my blog

Posted by sprague on March 20, 2013

Sorry, you may have come here by mistake. I’ve been playing with the web and blogs and more since the beginning, and this is one of a long trail of half-started, half-abandoned experiments that I do in order to learn more about various platforms. (I also have a thing about claiming the name ‘sprague’ before any of my rivals get it). I’ve decided that I like WordPress, and maybe if I were starting anew, this is where I would set up camp, but for various reasons, alas, this site is not meant to be. You’ll notice that most of the content here was imported from my Tumblr. It didn’t come through very well and I didn’t have time or energy to fix it.

The best way to track me these days is on Twitter: @sprague.  I post something there every single day.  You can also check my “real” blog at http://blog.richardsprague.com, where once upon a time, before Twitter, before Facebook, I was reasonably active. I still post there once a month or so and I still intend to fire it up more passionately once I have a better idea of what I want to say.

So, thanks for visiting, but that’s all.

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